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Carbon fiber new Jiefang J6 widened front

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Name: Carbon fiber new Jiefang J6 widened front
Specifications: 13/18 10/18 holes
Product No.: 20005855
Applicable models: FAW Jiefang (Jiupingchai, Aowei, Hawe, New Dawei, J6 series),
Number of boxes: 24.0 pieces



A bolt is a type of fastener consisting of a head and a screw (a cylinder with an external thread). It needs to be used in conjunction with a nut to fasten and connect two parts with through holes. This form of connection is called a bolted connection. If the nut is unscrewed from the bolt, the two parts can be separated, so the bolt connection is a detachable connection. Anchor bolt is a form of bolt connection. After assembly, only the nut part can be disassembled, and the screw part and the concrete base material are fixed together in some form and cannot be separated.


Key words:brake pads, bolts


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