What are the advantages of rubber shock pads?


The rubber shock absorber is a kind of main shock absorber, which is widely used in various fields. It can be said that the rubber shock absorber will be used in the area that needs shock absorption and protection. This is because it rationally utilizes many properties of vulcanized rubber and uses many different types of parts according to different application standard design schemes. This is helpful for many businesses, but all items used will be different. Now let us talk for you. Let's use it sensibly based on pros and cons.

Advantages of rubber shock pads:

1. The rubber shock-absorbing pad has unique viscoelasticity, large damping coefficient, easy to manufacture, good shock absorption effect, and good sound insulation and noise reduction performance; the frequency range is generally 5-15hz.

2. The rubber shock pad can prevent not only radial vibration, but also lateral vibration and rotational vibration. The same vulcanized rubber shock absorber has different bending stiffness in three directions and rotation directions.

3. The internal damping coefficient of vulcanized rubber is much larger than that of metal materials, and it has a good practical effect of high frequency vibration reduction and sound absorption. The damping coefficient is 0.05-0.23, because vulcanized rubber is easy to form and can be firmly bonded to metal materials, so the advantages, disadvantages and operation methods of rubber damping pads are explained! I told you that we can design and produce rubber shock pads in various shapes.

4. The vibrator is light in weight, small in size and cheap in price. It has a wide range of applications and is easy to install, remove and replace.

5. Vulcanized Rubber Hardness Secret Recipe The appearance of the rubber shock absorber is all factors that compromise the good bending stiffness of the rubber shock absorber. Vulcanized rubber shock pads are divided into three types: micro laser cut and composite.

The defects of the rubber shock pad are as follows:

1. Susceptible to high temperature oil, sun and chemical attack, resulting in reduced function and embrittlement. The general service life is 5-10 years and should be regularly maintained and replaced.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of high resonant frequency rubber shock pads and how to use them! I told you that the ability to work under pressure is weak, the characteristics are not fixed, and the application period is short.

3. Ultra-low temperature, low resistance. In general, the maximum value of the rubber shock absorber is 70°C, and the lower limit is 0°C. Special rubber shock pads can reach the low temperature limit of -50°C. It has poor wear resistance and is prone to embrittlement of certain types of rubber shock pads in the air, especially to accelerate the embrittlement of rubber shock pads under direct sunlight. The advantages and disadvantages of rubber shock absorbers and how to use them are expounded! I told you that the general service life can reach about 8 years;

4. In the production process, it is difficult to prevent some characteristic differences and ensure the consistency of the load. Relaxation may occur under long-term heavy loads.

Rubber shock absorbers are roughly divided into the following categories according to their functions:

(1) Narrow rubber shock pads supporting various devices;

(2) Rubber buffers for shock absorption;

(3) Rubber springs are used as mechanical actuators;

(4) Dynamic shock absorbers for eliminating vibration at specific vibration frequencies;

(5) Rubber couplings are also included in the rubber shock pad category.