The use of ball mill coupling rubber buffer block


In addition to compensating the relative displacement of the drive shaft and reducing the installation and alignment accuracy of the coupling, the installation of the rubber block coupling on the milling cutter is more important to relieve the impact, change the natural vibration frequency of the shaft system, and avoid serious dangers vibration. However, in actual production, due to improper use, maintenance and repair, the coupling rubber and elastic ring are often damaged. Then, let's learn about the use of the ball mill coupling rubber buffer block!

The coupling of the rubber buffer block is composed of several separate rubber blocks. The compression and load capacity of the rectangular compression rubber block is large, but the elasticity is poor. When the rubber block is deformed, the gap will be reduced, the rubber filter element will be filled with the radial gap, and the rigidity will increase sharply, so the failed rubber block needs to be replaced frequently.

1) Emergency repair of rubber buffer blocks (rubber bricks)

The emergency replacement of rubber buffer blocks (rubber bricks) can be cut into rectangles with the same specifications as the rubber blocks (rubber bricks) with the used conveyor belt, and overlapped to replace the rubber bricks. In order to improve its strength, a steel plate with a thickness of 3mm can be placed inside. When loading and unloading or replacing the rubber block, it is necessary to move half of the coupling in the axial direction, which is difficult to assemble due to the space limitation of the showcase. After several times of disassembly and assembly, the fitting hole of the sleeve is worn and deformed, which causes the shear strength of the sleeve to decrease and break, and it is difficult to take out. For this reason, there is a method of removing the sleeve and increasing the diameter of the tightening bolt. For maintenance, the rubber blocks can be replaced by simply screwing in the bolts.

2) Emergency replacement of elastic ring

There are two methods for emergency replacement of elastic rings:

Replace the elastic ring with a black leather hose equivalent to the diameter of the elastic ring and cut it to the corresponding length. When the thickness of the first floor is not enough, the second floor can be used, but the second floor can be cut into two semicircles along the axis direction and placed on the first floor.

Use 2 belt punches of the same size to make several annular elastic rings from the used conveyor belt, overlap the elastic rings and put them on the stud bolts for use.

Bridge rubber buffer block The vibration damping rubber block is made of natural rubber and neoprene rubber. According to different customized requirements, the customized vibration damping rubber block processed by Yaheng company will have the factory inspection report with the logo and qualified when leaving the factory. certificate.

External processing of shock-absorbing rubber blocks of various specifications, models and sizes, and sample processing can also be carried out. When there are special requirements, the drawings of the shock-absorbing rubber block need to be determined. The shock-absorbing rubber block is beautiful and has a wide range of applications. It is the best friend of the construction party's friend.

Shock-absorbing rubber buffer block uses: rubber buffer blocks are more flexible, and are often used in gaskets, gaskets and buffer materials, shock-absorbing blocks, and bridge blocks that have higher requirements for products.

Parameters of damping rubber buffer block: specific gravity of damping rubber block, 1.3. Breaking force, 8.0Mpa, elongation, 350%, hardness, 55~60.

Ball mill coupling is an important part in the transmission of various ball mills. It is mainly composed of fixed end (pinion end), movable end, boss and rubber block. The specifications are mainly divided into diameters of 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1200 and other specifications produce various ball mill rubber couplings, with complete specifications and special specifications, which can be customized for processing.

The above is the explanation of the use of the rubber buffer block of the ball mill coupling. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!