Detailed introduction of rubber buffer blocks?


There are many types of rubber bumpers on the market today. There are various brands and models. In this case, users will have a lot of knowledge points that need to be learned in advance when purchasing. That way you won't be wrong. Next, the editor will tell you what are the key points to know when buying rubber buffer blocks? Let's take a look together if you want to know.

When seeing this rubber buffer block, I believe some people will still feel unfamiliar when they see it. After all, it is not very common in life, so there are a lot of knowledge points to know. The first thing you need to know here is that this rubber bumper is a device that can limit the large amount of deformation of the suspension when it is in use. During operation, it reduces the direct impact of the axle on the frame (or body), and in such a case, it can naturally prevent the elastic element from being excessively deformed. And the rubber buffer block is composed of rubber block, steel plate and bolt. In terms of its structure, it is relatively simple. Some buffer blocks are made of porous polyurethane and hollow inside. When in use, its main function is to limit the suspension travel and absorb the impact load between the frame and the suspension. These are all things to master. Here is a regular manufacturer, friends who want to order this product may wish to choose here. I believe you will not be disappointed. The prices here are reasonable and the quality is guaranteed. And there are many types of products, there is always one that suits you. Welcome to buy.

After understanding what a rubber buffer is, let's take a look at its basic features. Because this is also an important question. Most of the rubber bumpers of modern cars are made of porous polyurethane materials, and rubber materials are gradually replaced by them. And as a consumer, what you also need to know here is that the porous buffer block made of this polyurethane material has the following advantages that rubber cannot replace. In addition to what we have said, there are many other advantages. For example, it is about 1/2 of the same size rubber buffer block, and the deformation is large, and it has good nonlinear characteristics. The structure of the rubber buffer block is that the vulcanized rubber is integrated with the steel plate, the bolts are welded on the steel plate, and then the buffer block is fixed on a certain part of the frame to limit the stroke of the suspension. If you have any questions, you can call us at any time for consultation. You can see the contact information when you enter the official website. You can also consult the online customer service staff. Will help you to solve some problems of the quotation method.

The above content is to introduce some basic information about the rubber buffer block for everyone, I believe you will understand it after you see it. I know where to use it. Well, today's content will be mentioned here first. I hope that through our story, we can bring you better help.